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What You Don't Know

Denver, 2008. Two detectives discover the bodies of 33 murder victims. Seven years later, their killer is on death row, but the body-count is just about to go up.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Ice Beneath Her

A beheaded body of a young woman is found in an upmarket home of a controversial retail king. Stockholm’s homicide detectives and a criminal profiler are shocked when they realise that the murder resembles an unsolved case from years ago.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Ewa Sherman

Devastation Road

A man awakens bereft of memory, and wanders across a Germany devastated by conflict in the company of two others, both also struggling with the upheavals of wartime.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Chris Roberts

The Bone Field

The discovery of the bodies of two murdered women, one of whom went missing in Thailand in 1990, opens two cold cases that soon become very hot to handle.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Linda Wilson

Deep Blue

Charles Thoroughgood, Head of MI6, agrees to an informal request from MI5 to look into a case involving a group of political activists calling themselves Action Against Authority. Legal reasons prevent MI5 itself from pursuing the case because the group is linked to a political party – the SNP.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Arnold Taylor

Heads You Die

James Bond and his friend Hugo have to go up against Scolopendra Industries to save the life of a family friend.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Linda Wilson

The Whistler

Lacy Stoltz, lawyer at Florida’s Board on Judicial Conduct, meets a man representing a whistleblower who claims a judge is in deep with organised crime - the Gulf Mafia.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Chris Roberts

The Death of Kings

Retired Chief Inspector John Madden re-examines a ten-year-old murder amid fears that the wrong man was hanged for the crime.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Cleal

Brotherhood in Death

Lieutenant Eve Dallas has a dear friend, Dennis, who is injured when he walks in on the abduction of his cousin, Senator Edward Mira. Investigation uncovers darks sordid secrets that involve not only the senator but also a circle of his friends, a group bonded by ritual and cruelty.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Barnbrook

The Method

Pregnant teenagers are going missing, and it’s Special Agent Roger Liu’s job to find them.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Linda Wilson

Under a Watchful Eye

Horror story writer Seb Logan is being watched. He doesn’t know by whom and nobody else can see the dark figure stalking him.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Jim Beaman

The Ashes of Berlin

Inspector Gregor Reinhardt, back in Berlin after the war ends, must track down a serial killer, but his investigation is interfered with by the political interests of the occupying powers and a group of ex-Nazis.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Cleal

Revenge in a Cold River

Commander Monk is called to look at a corpse that has been fished out of the Thames. Not only was the man drowned but he had also been shot in the back. Why is it so important for Monk to investigate?

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Sylvia Maughan

Operation Goodwood

Mirabelle Bevan escapes a fire in her block of flats, but her racing driver neighbour is found hanged. When it is established he was murdered, Mirabelle investigates – and meets a wall of lies and evasion.

Reviewed on 30 August 2016 by John Cleal

The Chalk Pit

The disappearance of one rough sleeper and the deaths of two others all seem to have a connection to the mysterious network of old tunnels under the city of Norwich.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Linda Wilson


Janey Carlton has been killed by her own car, stolen by a junkie mugger. When her murder remains unsolved after three years, her brothers and her widower set out to gain revenge.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Cleal

The Secret

The hunt is on for DS Bridget Reid, who has been working as an undercover prostitute in Exeter.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Under a Watchful Eye

Reviewed on 14 March 2017 by

You Were Never Really Here

Joe, a former FBI agent and Marine, is a gun for hire. He’s employed to rescue a senator’s daughter from a Manhattan brothel, and stumbles into a deadly web of conspiracy.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Cleal

Summary Justice

Barrister William Benson defends his first client from an accusation of murder, the crime for which he himself was convicted.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Chris Roberts

Guilty Minds

An on-line scandal sheet threatens to publish a story about a Supreme Court justice and a prostitute. PI Nick Heller has to show the judge has been framed before the story goes live.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Chris Roberts