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Beau Death

The demolition of a terraced cottage lands Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond with the coldest of cold cases when a skeleton in 18th century clothes is exposed.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by John Cleal

Bright Young Dead

A treasure hunt at the 18th birthday party of Pamela Mitford ends in tragedy when a guest falls to his death from a church tower. The police identify a maid as the killer, but Louisa Cannon, chaperone to the Mitford girls, sets out to clear her.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by John Cleal

Jess Castle and the Eyeballs of Death

Jess Castle PhD, historian and failed lecturer, returns to her home town of Castle Kidbury and becomes involved in a series of gory murders.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by John Cleal

Battle Sight Zero

Muslim extremists plan to smuggle assault rifles into Britain for a series of deadly attacks.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by John Cleal

The Lies We Tell

Successful Swedish-American lawyer Martin Benner must the prove innocence of dead woman Sara Texas, accused of a string of murders in the US, while looking for her missing son Mio. At the same time he finds himself framed for crimes he didn’t commit.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by Ewa Sherman

Cold Breath

Officer Gunnhildur Gísladóttir’s new task is to protect an enigmatic guest of the Iceland’s controversial Minister of Justice. Ali Osman is either a saviour of war zones’ refugees, or a manipulative arms dealer.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by Ewa Sherman

The Lizard Strategy

An old man with dementia goes missing, a telephone ringtone can be heard from a lonely river valley and the council is in chaos. Commissario Soneri has to make sense of all these events.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by Sylvia Maughan

Three Little Lies

Her best friend has gone missing, but Ellen is the only person taking her disappearance seriously.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Tall Man

Sadie left 16 years ago to protect her baby daughter from the man who whispered in her ears. Now she is back, but she is not sure she has returned alone.

Reviewed on 08 December 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Lockerbie: The Truth

On December 21 1988, a passenger airliner blew up in the sky above the small Scottish town of Lockerbie. The events leading up to the tragedy and the subsequent trial of one suspect is examined.

Reviewed on 08 December 2018 by Fiona Spence

Red Sparrow

First of a spy trilogy by a 34-year CIA veteran, which revolves around the tangled relationship between a male rising star of US intelligence and his female Russian counterpart.

Reviewed on 08 December 2018 by David Rose

The Break Line

Max McLean, an assassin for a shady unit operating on behalf of the British government, is sent to Sierra Leone to kill a rebel leader. But there’s a lot he hasn’t been told…

Reviewed on 08 December 2018 by Linda Wilson

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