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Dangerous To Know

Natalie, a bipolar clinical psychiatrist who moves to the country for a quiet life, finds it anything but. She starts to counsel her new boss, Frank, whose family’s history is very far from normal. Natalie must try to stop herself from being drawn into their dangerous web.

Reviewed on 26 May 2018 by Kate Balfour

A Brush With Death

Bob Skinner is asked by the Security Service to look into the death of a multi-millionaire boxer.

Reviewed on 26 May 2018 by Linda Wilson

Dead If You Don't

A missing teenager sets Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and his team of Brighton cops in a race against the clock.

Reviewed on 26 May 2018 by Sharon Wheeler

The Cost of Living

When a colleague is attacked on her way home, Bea, who works in the same supermarket, takes an interest in the case.

Reviewed on 24 May 2018 by Linda Wilson

Potter's Boy

The son of the village potter wants to grow up to become a fighter, not a potter. This is Ryo’s story.

Reviewed on 24 May 2018 by Linda Wilson

Friends and Traitors

Frederick Troy, a member of the Metropolitan Police, forms an unlikely friendship with Guy Burgess, even though he is aware that he is probably a spy. Burgess's reappearance after his defection to the Soviet Union, puts Troy in danger.

Reviewed on 24 May 2018 by Arnold Taylor

The Devil's Claw

A young journalist returns home to Guernsey, and when a drowned woman is found on the beach finds links to other such deaths stretching back over 50 years.

Reviewed on 24 May 2018 by Chris Roberts

We Were the Salt of the Sea

Detective Sergeant Joaquin Morales, relocating from Montreal to a seaside village, is assigned the death of a local woman who sailed home after years away.

Reviewed on 24 May 2018 by Chris Roberts

Last Will

Robbie Munro is fighting a custody battle over his daughter Tina, but finds himself under severe time pressure seeking a defence for a man accused of murder.

Reviewed on 12 May 2018 by Chris Roberts


The shocking allegations of a creepy neighbour are profoundly unsettling to Randolf and his wife Rebecca, and when the state cannot help the options are limited.

Reviewed on 12 May 2018 by Chris Roberts

The Smiling Man

DC Aidan Waits is still in disgrace and on permanent night duty when his discovery of a body in a moribund hotel gives him a real case to investigate.

Reviewed on 12 May 2018 by Chris Roberts

Maria in the Moon

Catherine has a great memory, but she cannot remember what happened when she was nine years old.  She feels desperate to unlock her past to understand herself and those around her.

Reviewed on 12 May 2018 by Ewa Sherman

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