Brooke Magnanti

Interviewed 11 June 2016

Brooke Magnanti

Brooke Magnanti is a scientist and author. Some people may know her as former call girl blogger Belle de Jour, the inspiration for ITV and Showtime's series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Others may know her as Dr Brooke Magnanti, forensic scientist and columnist. She is also the writer of The Sex Myth.

She is a columnist for the Telegraph's Wonder Women, former science editor of Cliterati, and has contributed pieces to the Guardian, Big Issue, and Town. Brooke was featured in an episode of Stephen Fry's Planet Word and is a popular public speaker on the themes of biometric and forensic science, sexualisation and popular culture, and internet anonymity and identity.

Brooke was born in west central Florida in 1975. She later studied for a Master's in Genetic Epidemiology at the University of Sheffield in England, and earned a Ph.D. in the Forensic Pathology department there, specialising in human decomposition and post-mortem identification. She has worked in forensic science, epidemiology, chemoinformatics and cancer research. Brooke currently lives in rural NW Scotland with her husband.

Books by Brooke Magnanti

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