Pascal Garnier (translated by Emily Boyce)

Books by Pascal Garnier (translated by Emily Boyce)

A Long Way Off

Marc dreams of freedom and abandons his quiet life for a trip with his daughter Anne, but things move in a rather unexpected direction.

Reviewed on 16 January 2021 by Chris Roberts

The Eskimo Solution

A writer rents a cottage by the sea using an advance on a crime novel in which a man kills his own mother and then other parents, for the benefit of their children.

Reviewed on 24 December 2016 by Chris Roberts

Too Close To The Edge

Eliette is living at the house in the mountains she restored with her husband, but as a widow finds it lonely and is hungry for companionship. The chance visit of some outsiders soon generates plenty of excitement.

Reviewed on 11 June 2016 by Chris Roberts