E.C.R Lorac

Books by E.C.R Lorac

Murder in the Mill-Race

When the warden of a children’s home is killed, local police can make no headway in an isolated and self-contained village. Scotland Yard is called in and Chief Inspector Macdonald sent to take over the case.

Reviewed on 18 January 2020 by John Cleal

Fire in the Thatch

When a man’s body is found in the burned-out shell of a cottage, it is assumed it is that of ex-navy officer Nicholas Vaughan and that his death was due to an accident. His former CO refuses to believe the verdict and Inspector Macdonald is sent to re-examine the case.

Reviewed on 21 July 2018 by John Cleal

Bats in the Belfry

A group of successful professionals jokingly share ideas on how to commit the perfect murder. When one of them disappears under mysterious circumstances Chief Inspector Macdonald is called in.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by John Cleal