Malcolm Mackay

Books by Malcolm Mackay

In the Cage Where Your Saviours Hide

Young and naive private investigator Darian Ross is dragged into a world where no one can be trusted when he investigates the killing of a money launderer for his former partner, the fascinating Maeve Campbell.

Reviewed on 24 November 2018 by John Cleal

Every Night I Dream Of Hell

With its boss in prison, hard man Nate Colgan is named ‘security consultant’ to the Jamieson criminal empire, his job to track down an outside challenge and deal with internal power bids.

Reviewed on 12 March 2016 by John Cleal

The Night the Rich Men Burned

Two young friends try to escape a pointless life on Glasgow fringes and become involved in the loan-sharking and collection rackets. One rises quickly up the ranks. The other becomes a victim of growing debt and addiction.

Reviewed on 19 October 2014 by John Cleal

The Sudden Arrival of Violence

As the bosses of rival Glasgow gangs manoeuvre for control, killer Calum MacLean has had enough. He seizes his chance to quit, but cannot anticipate the effect this decision will have.

Reviewed on 09 August 2014 by John Cleal

How a Gunman Says Goodbye

Hitman Frank McLeod has a problem. After decades at the top of his profession he has bodged a job – and had to be rescued by the young killer he recruited. What does a gunman do in retirement? Can he quit or is he a danger to himself and his former bosses?

Reviewed on 08 March 2014 by John Cleal