Hilary Bonner

Interviewed 22 March 2014

Hilary Bonner

Hilary Bonner is a former chair of The Crime Writers’ Association. Her published work includes ten novels, five non-fiction books, two ghosted autobiographies, one biography, two companions to TV programmes, and a number of short stories. She is a former Fleet Street journalist, show business editor of three national newspapers and assistant editor of one. She now lives in the West of England where she was born and brought up, and where most of her novels are set.

Books by Hilary Bonner

Deadly Dance

A killer has preyed on a 14-year-old girl in Bristol. At first it seems an easy case for DI David Vogel and his team, but then doubts creep in.

Reviewed on 18 January 2020 by Linda Wilson

Friends To Die For

A group of friends meet every Sunday in a Covent Garden restaurant. But their lives are turned upside down when some seemingly minor pranks turn very nasty.

Reviewed on 13 December 2014 by Sharon Wheeler