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The Cruel Prince

When Jude and her sisters saw the man murder their parents, they could not have realised the assassin would become their father.

Reviewed on 01 June 2019 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Amateurs: Follow Me

Internet sensation Chelsea Dawson has gone missing. Her kidnapper was formerly a member of a group who had successfully solved a cold case murder and he is now sending taunting messages to his former friends. If they don’t solve the clues he’s setting for them, Chelsea will die.

Reviewed on 06 August 2018 by Linda Wilson

No Shame

Seventeen-year-old Stacey was raped, and she’s determined to see her attacker brought to justice, but there’s no guarantee that she’ll be the one the jury believes.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Linda Wilson

Genuine Fraud

Imogen has everything that Jule wants in life: she’s rich, spoilt and gets everything she wants. Jule is determined to have a slice of Imogen’s cake. Maybe even the whole cake …

Reviewed on 05 September 2017 by Linda Wilson

Close Your Eyes

No one could have predicted the tragedy that would strike Southfield High School, when a pupil goes on a rage-filled rampage with a gun. Or could they?

Reviewed on 05 August 2017 by Linda Wilson

Beware That Girl

Olivia is rich, well-connected and lives a life of luxury. She has everything that Kate aspires to. To meet her goals, Kate needs to get close to Olivia. But can Kate be trusted?

Reviewed on 08 July 2017 by Linda Wilson

The Amateurs

Case Not Closed is a website devoted to solving cold cases. When Aerin Kelly posts there about her sister’s disappearance and murder, several members decide to help.

Reviewed on 04 June 2017 by Linda Wilson

With Malice

Jill wakes up in hospital with the last six weeks of her life missing. Something terrible has happened. She just wishes someone would tell her what it is.

Reviewed on 29 April 2017 by Linda Wilson

These Shallow Graves

Miss Josephine Montfort has been destined from birth to lead a respectable life and make a good marriage. But her father’s untimely death threatens to rock Jo’s world to its foundations.

Reviewed on 21 January 2017 by Linda Wilson

Cell 7

Sixteen-year-old Martha Honeydew is on death row for killing a much loved celebrity. The people get to be the ones to decide whether she lives or dies.

Reviewed on 10 December 2016 by Linda Wilson

Follow Me Back

Lizzie Summersall has disappeared and it’s the talk of the school.

Reviewed on 15 October 2016 by Linda Wilson

As Black as Ebony

Finnish teenager Lumikki Andersson is being stalked and doesn’t know to whom she can turn. She’s unable to decide between new boyfriend Sampsa, or Blaze, who broke her heart and has now reappeared in her life.

Reviewed on 17 September 2016 by Linda Wilson

Moth Girls

Five years ago, Petra and Tina disappeared. Now their friend Mandy has to face up to the part she played in events.

Reviewed on 14 May 2016 by Linda Wilson

Shiver The Whole Night Through

A small town in Ireland is in the grip of an unusually severe winter. When popular local girl Sláine McAuley is found dead in a wood, everyone seems prepared to put this down to suicide, but 17-year-old Aiden Flood isn’t convinced.

Reviewed on 12 September 2015 by Linda Wilson