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The Conjure-Man Dies

The sudden death of African conjure-man N’Gana Frimbo brings police detective Perry Dart and local physician John Archer to his consultation rooms, who are more than surprised when the victim recovers.

Reviewed on 19 February 2022 by Chris Roberts

The Chill Factor

In Cold War Iceland, a Russian spy ring fosters local discontent with the American military based there. British spy Bill Conran arrives to help counter the threat.

Reviewed on 23 October 2021 by Chris Roberts

The Middle Temple Murder

An unidentified elderly man is found bludgeoned to death in London’s Middle Temple. The police believe it was simple robbery, but journalist Frank Spargo, who stumbles on the death scene, joins forces with a Scotland Yard detective and a young barrister.

Reviewed on 13 July 2019 by John Cleal

Money in the Morgue

A government paymaster is trapped overnight at an isolated hospital. With the telephones out and the nearby river about to burst its banks in a storm, the payroll disappears from a locked safe. When bodies follow, Scotland Yard Inspector Alleyn must investigate.

Reviewed on 01 September 2018 by John Cleal

Unquiet Spirits

Sherlock does not believe in ghosts. It seems he does not believe in the beautiful Scotswoman Isla McLaren either. These are two dangerous errors.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Trent's Last Case

A wealthy, unpopular American magnate is found dead in the grounds of his English country house. Amateur detective Philip Trent suspects murder, not suicide

Reviewed on 16 December 2017 by Kate Balfour

The Silk Stocking Murders

A vicar’s daughter goes missing and Roger Sheringham, a crime writer and amateur sleuth, is asked to investigate. This simple case leads to a chase to stop a serial killer from striking again.

Reviewed on 14 October 2017 by Anthea Hawdon

The Wychford Poisoning Case

French-born Mrs Jacqueline Bentley is to hang for the poisoning of her husband. Novelist, amateur criminologist and psychological detective Roger Sheringham sets out to prove even her own lawyers wrong and unmask the real killer.

Reviewed on 30 September 2017 by John Cleal

The Sinking Admiral

Admiral Geoffrey Horatio Fitzsimmons, landlord of a failing coastal pub, is found dead in his boat, an apparent suicide. Bar manager Amy Walpole refuses to believe the obvious and sets out to investigate.

Reviewed on 05 August 2017 by John Cleal

Art in the Blood

Sherlock Holmes is approached by a beautiful French cabaret star when her illegitimate son by an English aristocrat goes missing.

Reviewed on 25 June 2016 by John Cleal

Called Back

A blind man stumbles on a murder. Because he cannot see, the assassins allow him to go. He later recovers his sight and falls in love with a mysterious girl who is in some way involved in the crime.

Reviewed on 25 June 2016 by John Cleal

The Mayfair Mystery

The body of a society doctor is discovered by his valet who hurries to inform a lifelong friend of the dead man. They return to find the body gone.

Reviewed on 02 April 2016 by John Cleal