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The Corpse in the Garden of Perfect Brightness

Railway detective Jack Wenlock, thrown out of work by the 1947 nationalisation of the industry, searches the Far East for his mother, whom he has always believed dead.

Reviewed on 21 November 2020 by John Cleal

The Lake

The remains of a young woman, tied to a stone, are discovered in a lake in the Danish countryside. After fruitless investigation by the local police, the case finds its way to the Copenhagen Homicide Department.

Reviewed on 17 February 2018 by Ewa Sherman

Party Girls Die in Pearls

Fresher Ursula Flowerbutton arrives for her first term at Oxford hoping for ballgowns and determined to write for student newspaper Cherwell. When another student is murdered, Ursula and her best friend, American Nancy Feingold, investigate.

Reviewed on 03 February 2018 by Sylvia Wilson

Lincoln in the Bardo

President Lincoln’s son is dead, existing in a place between life and death. His father can’t stop visiting his body, but others are conspiring to enable Willie Lincoln to pass on.

Reviewed on 03 February 2018 by John Barnbrook

Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love

Sidney Chambers, now Archdeacon of Ely, starts 1975 with some puzzles to solve around the persistence of love – love of wife and husband, love of children, of friends and unrequited love.

Reviewed on 06 January 2018 by Anthea Hawdon

Dark Water

Exiled policeman Makana is induced to visit Istanbul to help British Intelligence prevent a chemical warfare specialist falling into the hands of a dangerous terrorist.

Reviewed on 16 December 2017 by Chris Roberts

You Belong To Me

New York immigration lawyer and map enthusiast Paul Reeves gets involved in his neighbours’ marital friction, which generates a deadly struggle and an opportunity.

Reviewed on 16 September 2017 by Chris Roberts

Based on a True Story

Authoress Delphine is signing autographs following the publication of a hit novel when she encounters L for the first time and is totally fascinated by her.

Reviewed on 22 July 2017 by Arnold Taylor

A Thousand Cuts

Spike Sanguinetti acts for a man accused of assault and finds links to wartime events which even now remain mysterious, with connections to people he knows well.

Reviewed on 29 April 2017 by Chris Roberts


Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Kevin Pearce learns an old friend is prime suspect in a string of murders. He heads home to protect the secret they share and face both an elusive killer and his own conscience.

Reviewed on 04 March 2017 by John Cleal

The Vanished

When Detective Konrad Simonsen returns to work after a heart attack, he’s called as an observer to a violent school shooting, and assigned to deal with a minor case of a dead postman. He soon finds a tenuous link between these two and decides to follow it.  

Reviewed on 17 September 2016 by Ewa Sherman

City of Jackals

Cairo investigator Makana is asked to find a young student who has gone missing. The next day a human head is fished out of the river next to the investigator’s houseboat.

Reviewed on 25 June 2016 by Chris Roberts

John Le Carré: The Biography

This biography of David Cornwell, better known by his penname of John le Carré, attempts to explain the link between his childhood and upbringing and his interest in the world of secret intelligence, both as a member of it and as a writer about it.

Reviewed on 28 May 2016 by Arnold Taylor

Tabula Rasa

Legion doctor Gaius Ruso and his wife Tilla must solve the mystery of a missing military clerk and a local boy to avoid threatened rebellion during the building of Hadrian’s Wall.

Reviewed on 02 January 2016 by John Cleal

The Case of the Hail Mary Celeste

Railway detective Jack Wenlock sets out to solve the 30-year-old mystery of a party of missing nuns and finds love – and problems with the secret state.

Reviewed on 26 September 2015 by John Cleal

Sleeping Dogs

Lawyer Spike Sanguinetti takes a holiday in Corfu but finds himself involved in a murder, followed by a very dangerous trip to Albania.

Reviewed on 20 June 2015 by Chris Roberts

The Burning Gates

Investigator Makana is hired by a Cairo art dealer to find an Iraqi war criminal said to have treasures looted from Kuwait, but soon finds that several parties have an interest.

Reviewed on 21 March 2015 by Chris Roberts

Bitter Remedy

Commissioner Alec Blume takes a break with a course on Bach Flower Remedies in Monterozzo, but the discovery that he is a policeman from Rome stirs up some activity related to cases of missing persons.

Reviewed on 21 February 2015 by Chris Roberts

Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil

Sleuth Reverend Sidney Chambers and his friend DI ‘Geordie’ Keating face four more mysteries.

Reviewed on 07 February 2015 by John Cleal

Close Call

MI5 agent Liz Carlyle has to deal with a blast from her past, as well as a possible home-grown terror plot that kicks off in the Yemen.

Reviewed on 18 October 2014 by Sharon Wheeler

The Innocence Game

Three graduates set out to examine a cold case involving the kidnap and murder of a young boy as a possible miscarriage of justice.

Reviewed on 04 October 2014 by John Cleal

Hollow Mountain

When his legal partner is injured in a hit-and-run, Spike Sanguinetti takes over a marine salvage case where the principals are playing for very high stakes.

Reviewed on 26 July 2014 by Chris Roberts

The Ghost Runner

Egyptian PI Makana seeks answers to a dreadful murder by visiting the victim’s past in Siwa, an oasis town, but his arrival seems to trigger more deaths.

Reviewed on 12 July 2014 by Chris Roberts

The Memory Key

Commissioner Alec Blume investigates the killing of a witness to a shooting of a woman responsible for a bombing decades earlier.

Reviewed on 30 November 2013 by Chris Roberts