Catriona McPherson

Interviewed 08 December 2018

Catriona McPherson

Catriona McPherson was born in South Queensferry, just outside Edinburgh, and educated at Edinburgh University, leaving with a PhD in linguistics.

After a short and unsuccessful bout of lecturing in Leeds, she took up fiction writing instead and has so far published 23 novels. In 2010 she moved to northern California where she lives on 20 scruffy acres with a black cat and a scientist.

Books by Catriona McPherson

The Mirror Dance

Aristocratic investigator Dandelion ‘Dandy’ Gilver and her partner Alec Osborne are asked to resolve a copyright dispute which plunges them into a murder investigation.

Reviewed on 24 July 2021 by John Cleal

A Step So Grave

When Lady Lavinia Dunnoch is found murdered in the garden of her remote Highand home, detective Dandy Gilver, a guest at the house to discuss the marriage of her son to the victim’s daughter, is faced with a tangled web of lies, deceit and superstition.

Reviewed on 08 December 2018 by John Cleal

Dandy Gilver & A Most Misleading Habit

Dandy Gilver and Alec Osbourne investigate a case of arson at a convent in which a nun dies.

Reviewed on 10 December 2016 by Jim Beaman